Dear Crabby, Did you Lose Power from this Big Wind Storm?

Dear Crabby, I know Power Outages are a Pet Peeve of yours, Did you Lose Power Again from this Big Wind Storm? Sincerely, Gusty Day Dear Mr. Day, Of course we did - most of Rochester seemed to have lost power. In fact, I had to drive to a nearby coffee shop and pay way too much for a Cup of Joe just to use their "free" Internet to write my weekly column. Thankfully, your question came in this morning just in time for me to vent - again - about the darn loss of power. Here we are, … [Read more...]

The Big, No Bright, No Light Show VIDEO

Rochester Media caught Downtown Rochester in one of its Darkest Hours As the high winds knocked out power across the state, many in the Greater Rochester Area lost power. This video shows Downtown Rochester looking like the opposite of the Big, Bright Light Show. As of 5:00 a.m. Thursday, more than 700,000 DTE Energy customers have been impacted and more than 670,000 customers remain without power due to severe winds blowing through its Southeast Michigan service territory. This is the … [Read more...]

UPDATE: DTE Energy Emergency Repair Work on Big Beaver; Lane Closures Expected

UPDATE - On Monday, May 11, the Road Commission of Oakland County updated the status of the repair work happening on westbound Big Beaver, just east of Crooks. Lane closures continue due to a power cable break under the road that DTE Energy is currently addressing. The westbound right turn lane from Big Beaver to northbound Crooks is closed to traffic. Additionally, the westbound through lane on Big Beaver, east of Crooks, is also closed. The closure and repair is extended until Monday, May … [Read more...]

Meetings for Smart Meter Activists

If DTE Energy has cut your power over a smart meter issue, or if you are facing threats of a shutoff, there will be a meeting for those considering representing themselves in court. Read more about these meetings, along with how and where to attend one on … [Read more...]

Opposite days give reason for praise

If warm weather in the fall is called an Indian Summer, then should we label this cold snap in summer a Pilgrim Spring? The Pilgrims came unexpected to the American Indians, and so has this unseasonable weather, which has literally knocked the socks back on us. I'm fighting the urge put a straw bale decoration on my porch, and I'm suppressing my stomach's strong desire to patronize the cider mill. There have definitely been positives and negatives to the summer of 2013. It's great to be … [Read more...]

‘Look Both Ways!’ Safety Town is in Session

"If a disease were killing our children in the proportions that accidents are, people would be outraged and demand that this killer be stopped." – Dr. C. Everett Koop, former U. S. Surgeon General Our children need safety education! The Rochester Area Jaycees are making the streets safer for both children and drivers this summer.  Safety Town, a program that teaches young children the basics of street safety before entering the halls of elementary school, is in session. The nationally … [Read more...]