Dear Mr. Orr: Oakland County pens response to DWSD situation

On Monday, The Detroit News ran the article, Oakland County calls Orr's criticism of water authority stalemate 'desperate attempt to justify your deeply flawed proposal.' However, Oakland County officials had submitted a seven-page letter and other documents to The Detroit News as part of the county's ongoing issue with the Detroit Water & Sewer Department's (DWSD) proposal that began months ago. Rochester Media has included the letter, written by Chief Deputy, County Executive Gerald D. … [Read more...]

Rochester issues boil water alert for east area

The city of Rochester announced Tuesday that it has experienced a loss of water pressure from its primary supply from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, which has caused disruption of service to residents in the east side of the city (east of Letica Drive, and including Village Green Apartments and Churchill Circle). Residents in the affected area began reporting low pressure today at approximately noon. Department of Public Works personnel responded and were able to identify that the … [Read more...]