Dear Crabby, Who can use Essential Oils?

Dear Crabby, I am new to this essential oil routine. Can anyone use them? Do they really work? If they have been around for thousands of years how come we are just now hearing of their benefits? Sincerely, Need Ann Oilchange Dear Need Ann Oilchange, It is a sad day when people are coming to me about advice for using essential oils! I am a cranky old curmudgeon that is old school when it comes to health care. However, I do have a daughter and a wife that love this stuff and have been … [Read more...]

Redefining the future of medicine: Second year of home visit program kicks off for nursing and med students, needs volunteers

Mary Paquin didn’t know who Beth Anne Sutton was when she answered her call a year ago. But within a few minutes, Paquin had agreed to help redefine the future practice of medicine—whether she knew it or not. The courtesy of personality Students of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine and the School of Nursing are redefining the future practice of medicine through a home visiting program dubbed Partners in Care. The program aims to strengthen communication skills … [Read more...]