Dear Crabby, Any Suggestions on Holiday Family Traditions to Try?

Dear Crabby, My children are just getting old enough that my husband and I want to start holiday family traditions. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Hannah Holiday Dear Hannah Holiday, In my opinion children are what make the holidays tolerable. Well, most children … usually. Anyway, I guess it all depends on how active you want to be and how much money you want to spend to create said holiday memories. A lot of people seem to be into something called Elf on the Shelf, which … [Read more...]

The Holiday Hangover Cure

It's December 26th, and there's a good chance you woke up with a hangover. Not literally (well, maybe some of you), but you likely just spent the at least 24 hours overindulging in holiday spirits. The giving, the treats and the gatherings can be very intoxicating. The electricity of the season envelops us in a way no other time of the year does, but to our dismay, it's over in a blink. Even if you still have gifts to give or a gathering to attend, Christmas 2013 has officially … [Read more...]