Four Year Old Juliette Peace Bowling Fundraiser

Juliette Peace is 4 years old, yet she cannot walk, talk, stand up or communicate Juliette has recently been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, (a postnatal neurological disorder) and a severe case of epilepsy, (a condition of the brain that causes seizures), preventing her from developing the skills needed to function and communicate with her family. She will soon need a wheelchair and wheelchair accessible van. Funds are also needed for the many medical bills, along with costs that come with the … [Read more...]

Hearts of Hope – Quest for a Rett Syndrome Cure

When you watch a new house under construction, you anticipate confidently that one day the builder will indeed finish it to completion. With the right plans, and the adequate funding, there’s an expectation that the project will succeed. This same philosophy describes the passionate certainty that Bridget MacDonald and other families like hers feel about curing the consuming and debilitating disorder that is known as Rett Syndrome. Bridget MacDonald is the Rochester mom of beautiful Annie, … [Read more...]