Young Living Essential Oils

New Starter Kits Among the very first products a new distributor will order, these new Starter Kits are designed to provide an immersive, fun introduction to essential oils, providing all the products and educational tools a new distributor needs to understand and share the message of Young Living, including: Product Samples Each kit comes with two 2-oz. NingXia Red samples; two sample packets each of our five most popular essential oils and blends—Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Peace … [Read more...]

It’s Easy Being ‘Green’

Entering parenthood with my Early Child Development degree along with many years of taking care of others' children, I thought I was all set and pretty much knew what I was doing. I was so sure of myself! I really thought I knew everything I needed to know to be a rock star parent, but I definitely didn't. I have learned so much since the minute I held my firstborn. I've learned fear, frustration, exhaustion, exhilaration, excitement and love to name a few. I've learned the cost of diapers and … [Read more...]

Parenting can be a real pain

I’m sitting here writing this to you with a heating pad on my neck. Yes, my neck hurts. Yes, I blame the snow. Actually, it wasn’t technically the snow but a combination of overexerted muscles due to shoveling that darn snow and lifting my daughter’s ridiculously heavy and awkward carrier car seat. Can anyone relate? Ugh! My arms were so sore after shoveling last week’s snow that I used other muscles (I’m not sure how my neck got involved but it really hurts) to put my daughter’s car seat … [Read more...]

Eating for your Immune System

There's vitamins, essential oils and prescriptions, oh my. When sickness strikes, we will try anything. Many of my friends have kids who are struggling to fight off stubborn infections this winter, and they just don't know what else to do. Though I don't claim to be an expert, one way our family stays healthy is by taking a proactive view of what we eat, and we do it in conscious thought of boosting our immune system. You can feel stuffed and satisfied in your belly and yet your body can be … [Read more...]