Top Travel Destinations for 2015

Top Travel Destinations for 2015 Every travel expert, travel website, or major news outlet has published a list of the top travel destinations to consider in 2015. Here are a few of those lists to peruse as you and the family curl up by a fireplace, drink hot chocolate and try to stay warm over the next several days. U.S. News Travel Paris London Barcelona Maui New York City San Francisco Puerto Rico Sydney Rio de Janeiro Bora Bora Travelzoo Brazil Puerto … [Read more...]

Hostelling for the Not-So-Young

Maybe your friend is in Australia right now? Perhaps your daughter is backpacking Europe this summer before she starts college? Or, maybe your parents are driving the western states coastline? Chances are, hostels may be one their accommodation choices and it doesn't matter what their age is ... Hostelling for the Not-So-Young (part one) Running around the world with a backpack, jumping on trains and buses, and sleeping in hostels may seem like an adventure for college students on summer … [Read more...]

Budget Travel to Europe

Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Budget Travel to Europe From the basics of planning and going to making the most of your holiday. How many will be traveling? Millions of Americans travel to Europe each year with the peak season being summer. Start planning your trip now to get the most from it. Budget, of course, is an important concern and with a few tips and tricks, almost anyone can afford a vacation to Europe. One of the first items to check off your pre-travel list is determine … [Read more...]

Where to Go in 2013

Travel in 2013 Now that we’re past the world ending, Christmas and New Year’s, we can seriously look at our travel plans for 2013. There’s the winter getaway, spring fling, summer vacation and various other weekend trips looming in the New Year. Have you started planning yet? Winter Getaways If you’re the type of person that needs a warm destination in the middle of a Michigan winter and haven’t made plans yet, you better hop online or visit a travel agent soon. You might be stuck with … [Read more...]

Ireland, Costa Rica, and Italy

My Favorite Destinations As a travel writer, I'm often asked "Where is your favorite place to visit?" And the funny thing about travel writers is that they really don't have one place that is their favorite. We have many, and for different reasons. I usually answer with Ireland, Costa Rica and Italy. Sometimes I answer, "wherever I go next" or "anywhere I haven't been," but I'm sure you want more detail about my responses. Ireland for the People The Irish are super friendly; Ireland … [Read more...]

Travel Trends and Hot Destinations for 2012

We all love to travel. For a while now we’ve been held back by the economy, high gas prices, and unrest around the world. Staycations (or close to home vacations) are nice, but they just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Travelers are on the lookout for new getaways and fresh takes on the classic hot spots; and they feel the need start traveling again. Winter travel is nearly sold out according to Cathy Daldin of Shamrock Travel (248-656-3500) on Main Street in Downtown Rochester. “Travel is up,” … [Read more...]

What Do You Think About Roundabouts?

Dear Crabby, My city is installing all these roundabouts in my area and they scare me to death!  I am especially scared that my teenage son will get into an accident on one of them.  What is your opinion? Sincerely, Turning Crazy Mom Dear Turning Crazy, I have seen these roundabouts all over the place, and I too heard we will be getting more in the future.  I personally don't mind them.  My trusty Oldsmobile and I have been through a lot together and this is just one more thing.  I … [Read more...]