Faith Works Michigan Annual Fundraiser Dinner

Faith Works of Michigan is planning an evening of celebration with dinner and entertainment on Thursday, October 3, from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at Petruzzello’s, 6950 S. Rochester Road, Troy, MI 49085. Guest speakers will be Jaymes Vettraino, the director of the Center for Social Engagement at Rochester University, and Becky Lee, the Move Out director for Kensington Community Church. Faith Works Michigan is a local non-profit organization made up of volunteers who complete home repair and … [Read more...]

The Women’s Fund Grant to the OPC

The Women’s Fund likes writing checks . However, even better is getting to see how the funds change lives. Last year the Women’s Fund provided the Older Person’s Commission (OPC) with a $500 grant for their Act of Kindness Program which helps low-income seniors cover the cost of unexpected home repairs, specifically to assist elderly women with home repairs. With the grant funding, and the help of Faith Works, the group of volunteer men who assist seniors and disabled people with … [Read more...]

The Women’s Fund Present Grant to Faith Works Michigan

The Women’s Fund recently presented Faith Works – Michigan with a $2000 grant to help purchase raw materials for repair and service projects specifically for widows and single women with children. Lori Roscoe, Women’s Fund board member, presented the donation check to Faith Works Michigan representatives Bill Pinho, Rick Bronder, Craig Viges and Bob Quigley. Two specific projects benefited from the funds. First, for a single mother, unemployed with two kids, living in a mobile home, … [Read more...]