Dear Crabby, What’s Your Favorite Season?

Dear Crabby, What's Your Favorite Season? Sincerely, Autumn Taker   Dear Autumn, Your name says it all - the season I like best is Fall. We are blessed to have four wonderful seasons in Michigan - granted, Winter lasts too long -┬ábut the Autumn is the┬ábest. While I hate to see summer end, the fall months bring so many good things our way. Football. Fortunately, we have good collage teams to supplement our lacking of a professional football team, unless you want to count the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Happend to Fall?

Dear Crabby, The first day of winter is still six weeks away, what happened to fall? Sincerely, Seasonally Confused Dear Seasonally Confused, Just a couple weeks ago, I was giving advice on how to enjoy fall. I was basing that advice on the premise that fall would be here. Of course, you can still partake in those activities, but it does seem we lost fall somewhere. Perhaps Halloween scared it away. On the other hand, maybe winter paid fall off so winter could come early. The best … [Read more...]

Rochester Fall Bucket List

Fall is a great time of year. Michigan summers are so wonderful, but I truly enjoy the fun of visiting cider mills, the changing leaves on the trees, and all the great events in the area. Here is my Fall Bucket List of 20 things you should try this fall. Enjoy! Take a bite out of the Art & Apples Festival, Friday, September 6 through Sunday, September 8 Ride your bike or take a walk down the Paint Creek Trail and collect different colored leaves. Visit the Rochester Cider Mill. They … [Read more...]

Worker falls off Ambassador Bridge in Detroit

U.S. Coastguard reports that a worker fell off the Ambassador Bridge on Wednesday January 11 at 2pm. The water is 37 degrees they say. The search continues! … [Read more...]