MDCH: Talk about medical history with family over the holidays

From the Michigan Department of Community Health: This Thanksgiving, Have a Family Health History Discussion Michigan Residents Encouraged to Discuss Cancer Risks Within Families LANSING – Each year, Thanksgiving marks Family Health History Day when families are encouraged to discuss their health history with one another. Learning about your families’ health history is important for certain cancer screenings, such as colorectal cancer. Screening helps detect issues before there are symptoms … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should We Get a Puppy?

Dear Crabby, My kids keep begging me for a puppy. Problem is they go to school all day, my husband works, and I'll be the one to take care of it full-time. That means I'll be the one taking it outside in the wet dreary weather, drying muddy paws, and cleaning up after it. I need a creative solution. Do you have any advice? Sincerely, Tina Tucker-Dout Dear Mrs. Tucker-Dout, If your solutions are anything like Mrs. Crabby's, it will involve you putting the dog in the garage or … [Read more...]

The Joneses are stressed, but you don’t have to be, too!

Last week I was catching up with a friend, discussing the new school year. While chatting, I was surprised to hear the detail of her daughter's extracurricular activities. It was so full, we could scarcely find a night to have the two families together for dinner. She justified the enrichment, like many parents, as simply the way to keep her child well rounded. My advice to the mother was to be careful not drive her own-self crazy, in the process of attempting to keep her daughter exploring all … [Read more...]