REVIEW: Say ‘Yes!’ to the Riotous ‘Father of the Bride’ at Meadow Brook Theatre

Dum-dum-de-dum. Here comes the bride… and her very frazzled father! Holy matrimony turns into a cavalcade of chaos in Father of the Bride running now through February 4, 2024, at Meadow Brook Theatre (MBT) on the campus of Oakland University (OU) in Rochester Hills, Mich. Before audiences saw Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin lose their minds in their respective film versions, Father of the Bride began as a 1949 novel by Edward Streeter. Since then, it has been brought to life on stage and … [Read more...]

Save the date for ‘Father of the Bride’ at Meadow Brook Theatre

Classic comedy on the campus of Oakland University Edward Juvier plays the frazzled Mr. Banks in "Father of the Bride. Photo courtesy of Sean Carter Photography Mr. Banks is your ordinary suburban dad who believes that weddings are just simple affairs in which two people get married. When his daughter, Kay, announces her engagement, there’s a wedding on the horizon. He just wants everything perfect for daddy’s little girl, but he feels like his life has been turned upside down. Now his … [Read more...]

Meadow Brook Theatre Announces 57th Season

Featuring audience-favorite shows as well as four Michigan Premieres, Meadow Brook Theatre’s (MBT) 2023-2024 season has something for everyone! "We are excited to be bringing you our 57th season, which is one of our best yet!" said Cheryl Marshall, MBT Managing Director. "We've got a wonderfully entertaining lineup and, of course, we're kicking things off with a great event this summer. You won't want to miss a thing!" On July 15, Meadow Brook Theatre will hold a one-night-only concert by The … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Family Dynamics are the Foundation of ‘Harry Townsend’s Last Stand’ at Meadow Brook Theatre

As kids, we can’t wait to get older and be able to do grown-up things like drive, stay up late, or have ice cream for breakfast. Yet, somewhere in all the excitement of spreading our wings, we forget that as we age, so do our parents. This role reversal is at the heart of Harry Townsend’s Last Stand, running until Sunday, April 16, 2023, at Meadow Brook Theatre (MBT) on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI. Written by George Eastman, Harry Townsend’s Last Stand focuses on … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do You Know the History Behind Father’s Day?

Dear Crabby, I know the history of how and why we celebrate Mother’s Day, but is there a story behind Father’s Day? While moms are very important, I sometimes feel we dads get overlooked. Thanks! Luke S. Dear Luke S., Great question! As you said, moms are very, very important people (I gotta stay on Mrs. Crabby’s good side). But as you also said, sometimes we dad get overlooked. I have often felt like stores spend big bucks for their Mother’s Day advertising and then treat Father’s … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Here Comes the Bride: Who Pays?

Dear Crabby, My daughter is getting married. She’s older, established in her career, and making good money. Since she’s our only daughter we’d like to help out by contributing financially. Are the parents of the bride still expected to foot the whole bill? Thanks! Monica Motb Dear Monica Motb, Boy, do I feel your pain on this one. I have one daughter and when she got married ten years ago I thought I would need to sell a kidney on the black market to pay for it! According to … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do you recommend a wedding planner?

Dear Crabby, We're getting married this year and are just getting started with planning our wedding. I heard that many people use wedding planners these days and wondered what your experience was with that. Do you think they are worth their expense? Sincerely, Hope Fully Dear Ms. Fully, Well, in my day the wedding planner was called the bride-to-be! Mrs. Crabby planned every part of our wedding, right down to the last detail. Having a Polish Catholic background, Mrs. Crabby had over … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Do I Throw the Perfect Wedding

Dear Crabby, My daughter is getting married and I want to throw her the perfect wedding. Do you have any tips that can help make this happen? Sincerely, Patty Perfect Dear Mrs. Perfect, Well, we all look for that perfect day when our child walks down the aisle and we drain our life savings in order to live vicariously through our kids for one of the last times.  For me personally, I was mostly concerned that I do my best, as the father of the bride, to not show any emotional weakness … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Daughter Wants To Get Married, Should I Meddle?

Dear Crabby, My daughter just told me that she wants to marry her boyfriend now instead of finishing college.  Should I meddle or let her live her own life? Sincerely Sally Sayno Dear Mrs. Sayno, When I think back to all the parents who wanted to stop a marriage from happening, I realize that if the parent had succeeded I would not have any grandchildren nor would I have any children. That's right, my in-laws were not exactly doing back flips when I proposed to the missus. I didn't … [Read more...]