Diary of a Retiree Robert A. Lytle: Father’s Day

Diary of a Retiree Robert A. Lytle Sunday, June 20, 2021 – Father's Day, Franklin Village – Sunny 70-83 Bob Lytle in his home library An interesting thing happened at Ian’s today. Joining Candy and me were Ian’s in-laws, Jure and Lidija, and Jamie’s family—his wife Mary and their two children—eleven in all. Jure and I decided to give the kids a little exercise. We grabbed Henry, Liam and Charlotte from the patio where everyone else was gathered and headed for the grassy area of Ian’s … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do You Know the History Behind Father’s Day?

Dear Crabby, I know the history of how and why we celebrate Mother’s Day, but is there a story behind Father’s Day? While moms are very important, I sometimes feel we dads get overlooked. Thanks! Luke S. Dear Luke S., Great question! As you said, moms are very, very important people (I gotta stay on Mrs. Crabby’s good side). But as you also said, sometimes we dad get overlooked. I have often felt like stores spend big bucks for their Mother’s Day advertising and then treat Father’s … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Can I Survive Fatherhood?

Dear Crabby, My wife and I just had a baby girl two months ago, so this is going to be my first Father’s Day. Do you have any advice for a new dad? And most importantly, will I ever catch up on my sleep? Thanks! Paul Padre Dear Mr. Padre, The short answer to your sleep question is, ‘Ahahahahaha… no.’ You will never get a full night’s sleep again. In fact, you’ll become skilled in the art of catching a few winks whenever you can, wherever you are. And don’t think it gets better as … [Read more...]

A Note to Myself this Father’s Day

Dear Self, No offense, but hush. This year, as a Father's Day gift to your husband, give the gift of being quiet. Allow him the freedom to parent in his own way without your "suggestions" confusing him and the kids. He does a lot for the kids (and you!) so show him respect and let him parent the way he does. If it’s a serious issue then speak in private. Don’t talk to him as if he is one of the kids. It won’t ever be healthy for you to reprimand the father of your children in front of them. … [Read more...]

Local Father’s Day Finds

Forty years ago, President Richard Nixon signed into law the proclamation of Father's Day as the third Sunday in June. Ever since, children of all ages have clamored around department store tie racks, decorated coffee mugs, and bought untold quantities of grill tools in attempts to show dad that they love him. This year, if those ideas don't fit the bill for your father, check out the construction progress in town, support our merchants, and pick up one of these great local gifts that dad is … [Read more...]