Outdoor Fun and Fitness in the Rochester Area

The Great Outdoors¬† Summer is officially here so grab your gear and head outdoors for a great workout. Exercising outside can increase your motivation and make your workouts more interesting. Research shows spending time outdoors reduces stress and the fresh air releases serotonin in the brain which can put you in a fantastic mood. The scenery can help exercisers from getting bored and outdoor workouts offer more of a full-body workout that can burn more calories. The Rochester area has lots … [Read more...]

Rochester Community House is THE place for summer fitness and fun

The community is invited to join these upcoming classes. Exploring Mindfulness Meditation Join this three week sampler of meditative practices and learn to relax, reduce the effects of stress, manage emotional and physical pain, and improve the quality of your life. Participants experience formal and informal mindfulness practices, begin to cultivate inner calmness and learn about the connections between stress and health. If you are feeling that something is missing in your life, want … [Read more...]