Dear Crabby, Why Does Everyone Forget About Flag Day?

Dear Crabby, Last year, I was the only person on my street to fly the Stars and Stripes for Flag Day. Do people just not know about it, or do they just not care?   Thanks,M. Erica Dear M. Erica, Well, just so no one forgets this year, Flag Day is Monday, June 14. In fact, it’s always recognized on June 14. Personally, I think the reason it isn’t on people’s radar is because it’s shoehorned between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. That and the fact, it’s not a national … [Read more...]

Flag Day Commentary by Judge Warren

Why We Celebrate Flag Day on June 14 As the tumult of the trifecta of COVID-19, protests/riots, and economic distress grip our country, we are, of all things, supposed to celebrate the flag on June 14. Once an innocuous display of patriotism, you can no doubt envision the histrionic divides that celebrating our national emblem will likely bring. Before those who might desire to exercise their First Amendment right tear up or burn the flag do so, they might consider how Flag Day came to … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s the Story Behind Flag Day?

Dear Crabby, I know we just celebrated Memorial Day, but now my calendar says Flag Day is this Sunday. What’s its significance and what is the proper way to observe it? Thanks! Pete Patriotic Dear Mr. Patriotic, You ask a good question. And I’m sure it’s one that a lot of people have wondered in passing, but have never given much thought to. I know when I was a kid, I’d watch my dad get out the flag that he always kept folded military style -- ya know in that neat triangle shape -- and run … [Read more...]

Saluting Our Armed Forces – The U.S. Army

Did you know? Under Michigan law, the flag of each branch of service is flown over the state Capitol on the service founding date. In the coming months we'll be taking time to recognize each of the five military branches. Today, we honor and salute the men and women -- past and present -- who proudly represent the United States Army. This flag was officially adopted by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, on June 12, 1956 - photo source: The Army at a … [Read more...]

Fly the Flag for Freedom

Americans love to fly the flag. For freedom, for liberty, for justice, for pride – the list goes on and on - it’s a symbol that we honor here in the United States. Now that summer is upon us and especially with Independence Day plans in full swing, you see more and more U.S. flags being displayed. The flag should be displayed everyday from sunrise to sunset. Hoist the flag in the morning briskly and lower the flag in the evening ceremoniously. However, you may fly the flag 24 hours a day if … [Read more...]