Crittenton continues flu combat

In the midst of an epidemic, last week we covered some diagnostic tips when it comes to the flu and how to recognize when you need to head to the emergency room if your symptoms escalate. But this week, a Crittenton Hospital Medical Center expert shares a couple preventive measures to help you avoid the infamous virus this winter. Starting with home base At the beginning of the influenza season in October, Crittenton engaged in anti-flu combat by starting at square one—immunizing their … [Read more...]

9-1-1, I have the flu! Knowing when to head to the ER if you have the flu

While physicians and nurses suspect the flu epidemic may have peaked, Oakland County emergency rooms and centers were inundated with flu patients this month. Some local medical centers have even ramped up flu hotline services in an effort to address the declared epidemic that continues to welcome 2013. And even though the epidemic may have reached its peak, the true height of the flu season still lie ahead of us—behold, February. So, here are some things you can consider before heading … [Read more...]