The Golden Age of Fly Fishing in Michigan

Wayne Snyder, fly fishing historian and author, will tell the story of the men and women who shaped fly fishing in Michigan: the conservationists, fly dressers, rod-crafters, guides, artists and authors on Tuesday, June 10 at 7 p.m. at the Rochester Hills Public Library. A must see for any Michigan fly fisher who is even remotely interested in the history of the ‘sport of kings’ in their own state. Snyder’s book, The Golden Age of Fly Fishing in Michigan, will be available for purchase after the … [Read more...]

Seasons of Fishing Hope Again Come ‘Round

For Rochester area fishermen it was a hard winter. In fact it was brutal. With nearly four months of record snow and sub-zero temperatures there was very little fishing joy going on, especially for fly fishermen. Locally, the Clinton River was frozen over in many spots and, even worse, unsafe shelf-ice made our bold winter steelheaders stay home and tie flies. Some, in acute desperation, dashed north-west to the classic Pere Marquette River but, even there, with thin results. However, things are … [Read more...]

Our Miracle River’s December Steelhead

I feel the long sought tug of a heavy fish and drive the hook of my fly solidly home. Confused, the fish jumps flipping in mid-air and jets downstream in a wild, manic dash. It rapidly pulls out sixty feet of my yellow fly line then, unexpectedly, pauses to rest. It is then that I know to give chase as best as I can, stumbling over slippery rocks and reeling as fast as I can to gain line. Still not knowing why it is being pulled the fish swims steadily back upstream, quickly passes me, … [Read more...]

Paint Creek Restoration Project – Two Thumbs-Up from Fishermen

It's not often a radical change to a beloved trout stream gets such strong approval, if any approval at all. Trout fishermen are a finicky sort and can get downright heated over changes to what they've taken under their wings and into their hearts as “their” waters. “What was wrong with the way it was?” they'll lament and strongly protest all comers with designs on their domain. But the visionaries and engineers that planned and are now executing the Paint Creek Restoration Project in the … [Read more...]

Cider & Salmon

I’m all geared-up not just because the salmon are starting their annual river spawning migrations, but also because I can smell that heavenly aroma of sweet apple cider, fresh baked donuts and caramel apples drifting down from the 137-year-old cider mill just upstream. The amazing thing is that both are happening right here in Rochester Hills right now and the epicenter for all of this excitement is Yates Cider Mill. Yates is a Michigan landmark and a registered historic site and its mill has … [Read more...]

Summer Trout

Savvy Michigan fly fishermen don't hit on trout when the long days of summer get muggy and hot. Why? Net a struggling, cold-loving trout in warm, oxygen deprived waters and it will most likely go belly-up. So what's a year-round fly guy to do especially in the southern parts of the state; we go warm-water. Bluegills and largemouth bass are fine, but the grand prize of the sunfishes that I prefer is the smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu). Described here are just a few of the better SE … [Read more...]

Temperatures-R-Rising for Clinton River Steelhead

Yates Park near Rochester is the place to be for the annual migratory madness spring steelhead run. For years, the Clinton River has drawn dozens of local “metalheads” looking for a shot at the river’s big steelhead. As the Clinton’s water temperature starts to rise, pods of spawning steelhead begin to cruise up the river to build their redds. Fish in the 5 to 8 pound range are common, but a few bruisers even bigger will be caught. Steelhead is a name given to large rainbow trout which live … [Read more...]