Better Food: Your Health Is Worth It!

Last week we examined the difference in taste between certain organic foods and their conventional counterparts. This week, I'll share my observation on how the food you eat will greatly affect your body's ability to fight off sickness this winter. We are right in the heart of the cold and flu season, and through casual observation, I've noticed an obvious correlation between how one eats and their ability to fight those pesky bugs. My clean-eating friends who eat consciously … [Read more...]

Cheap Food: Are We Paying For It Later?

As I got out my usual morning banana today, I was inspired to contemplate the sticker that adorned the peel. It read, "Healthy homes eat organic."  I thought to myself, "Marketing ploy or truth?"  Over the next two weeks, I'm going to share my observations, and my tricks, to help you enjoy full flavors, stay within your food budget and build your immune system. After we examine some truths, we can then decide whether my banana sticker holds any value and can make the claim it does. I'm a … [Read more...]