RTA Riders Should Pay their Fair Share

Will Voters Turn Down the Regional Transit Authority Master Plan in November? "There will be strong opposition to this Detroit regional tax increase," said former state representative, Tom McMillin today. McMillin said that one of the reasons the proposed property tax increase is so large is because the taxing authority is likely assuming riders will only end up paying 10% - 20% of the cost of service. "Why shouldn't riders pay at least 50% of the cost?" asked McMillin. McMillin noted, … [Read more...]

McMillin: Film subsidies send money and jobs out of state

Commends MI House on bill to eliminate subsidies Today, former state representative Tom McMillin had the following statement upon the passage of HB4122 out of the Michigan House Tax Policy committee today: “Good move on the part of HB4122’s author, State Representative Dan Lauwers and the Michigan House Tax Policy committee that moved HB4122 to the House floor today.  The film subsidies send much of the $50 million allocated to them, out of state – to Hollywood millionaires and … [Read more...]

Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan Outline Ballot Proposal Language

If your eyes tend to glaze over when reading and making sense of ballot proposals, chances are you're not alone. On May 5, Michigan voters will be asked to vote on an important tax increase, which is supposed to help finance badly needed repairs to Michigan roads. To help make sense of what specifically voters are being asked to approve, former state representative Tom McMillin and chairman of Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, a grassroots citizens' organization, has put together the following … [Read more...]