Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Mourns with Victims of Paris Terrorist Attacks

Nation’s oldest Muslim organization condemns multiple acts of violence in Paris, France The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA expresses our deepest condolences to the victims and families of the horrific acts of terrorism in Paris, France. French officials report more than 40 people killed, with many more wounded and held hostage. The Community urges calm and patience as authorities work rapidly to restore security and order. “Our deepest condolences are with the people of France. This is an … [Read more...]

Canal Cruise in Southern France

The Night before the Cruise Arriving in Europe is always a shock for me. While I love Europe, that first day across the ocean is rough; after traveling all night, changing planes in Paris, and losing several hours to the time change, everything seems a bit off. I am sleepy, but excited. Today is just an adjustment day; I begin a much-awaited cruise tomorrow – I will be traveling on the Canal du Midi in the south of France.         I chose to overnight in Montpellier – it is a smart idea to … [Read more...]

Breakfast Around the World

Early in our relationship, my husband and I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for almost three years.  At the time we were young, just married, and had no children, so we spent much of our free time traveling around Europe.  The one thing that struck me as we traveled through the countries was the differences in what each country served us for breakfast.  One day while eating breakfast at a bed and breakfast in Germany, I had the idea to have a “Breakfast around the World” celebration with my then … [Read more...]