Dear Crabby, Do you go to Estate Sales?

Dear Crabby, Do you go to Estate Sales? Sincerely, Jerry Junkman   Hello Jerry, There does seem to be many, many more estate sales this year than ever before - the signs are everywhere! What I don't see are garage sales signs, not many anyway, but I have a couple ideas about why that is. First of all, with the pandemic still going on, I feel some people are skipping the garage sale adventure of hosting a sale by not having strangers rummaging around their garage and … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Wanna Buy My Junk?

Dear Crabby, My wife keeps nagging me that we need to get rid of stuff around the house we don’t use anymore. What do you think – is it trash or treasure? And should we sell stuff or wait to give it away? Thanks, Peter Packrat Dear Peter Packrat, That’s the age-old sentiment, eh? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I understand where you’re coming from though. Mrs. Crabby is always after me to help her downsize. Her main argument is that we can’t leave it all for the kids to … [Read more...]

Online "swapping" sets up shop on Facebook

A new way to buy and sell Garage sales can be an unpredictable and complex experience. As a buyer, you have anticipation of the unknown find, the joy of unavoidable conversation with the seller, and the thrill of scoring an underpriced piece of tangible heaven. As a seller, you hopefully end the day with a bit more room in your house and extra change in your pocket—just by skillfully putting things you don"t want on display. Time spent on your feet selling or buying can really be fun and … [Read more...]