For Love and Pizza

By Matt Klein, Special to Rochester Media Give our friends at Georgio's some love. And, they just might give you some love back, like they did with me. I have a problem. If a restaurant has a Special Instructions field in their online order site, I have to use it. It started out with a simple “Have a great day” or “Thanks for the good food.” Until, one day after a particularly tiring day of cancer treatment, I added “I have cancer, could you make it extra good tonight?” "Hope … [Read more...]

Downtown Rochester Hosts Deck Art 2017 with the Kick Off on May 11 & 12

Deck Art 2017 Kicks off May 11 & 12 This year, over 450 artists from all over metro Detroit, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania as well as over 55 downtown Rochester businesses are participating in Deck Art 2017. In its seventh installment, Deck Art 2017 is a skateboard art competition and exhibition. Artists submit one-of-a-kind artwork using skateboard decks as a canvas. These decks will be on display in downtown Rochester businesses beginning May 11, and will be celebrated with a … [Read more...]