Govenor Snyder honors OakFit

Oakland County’s employee wellness program, OakFit, is among the recipients of Michigan’s 2014 Governor’s Fitness Awards. “The Governor’s Fitness Awards are a platform for recognizing individuals and organizations in Michigan that have made outstanding contributions to health and physical fitness during the last year,” a Governor’s office press release said. “Our innovative OakFit program continues to garner recognition for the genius of its simplicity and its outstanding results,” Patterson … [Read more...]

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) at Crittenton

ROCHESTER, MI – CGM works by having a small recording device is attached to the patient, to keep track of glucose readings every five minutes during all activities.  The patient then comes back in three to seven days, depending on the device, and will have the device removed.  Recorded information will be downloaded, and the results and a report will be sent to your doctor.  CGM gives patients a better understanding of blood sugar control.  Physician referral is required, and insurance may cover … [Read more...]