New Green Space Acquisition in Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills Permanently Preserves Green Space on City’s South Side Last week, City Council approved the acquisition of a parcel that will add to the city’s collection of green space parcels and keep the property permanently preserved.   This purchase provides another opportunity for residents to enjoy the beautiful open spaces that exists in our community. This ten-acre parcel features a high quality tree canopy, wildlife, and wetland area. The property, located at 1380 Ruby Avenue, is … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Buys Itself a Little Something ‘Green’ for Christmas

Earlier this week, Rochester Hills City Council unanimously approved the single-largest purchase of green space property in the city’s history. The city will be spending just over $1 million for a more than 48-acre parcel on the north side of Riverbend Park, near Hamlin Road, on the city’s south side. The deal was approved Dec. 15 after negotiations. “This purchase is the crown jewel of open spaces in Rochester Hills,” Parks and Forestry director Mike Hartner said in a statement. “Many … [Read more...]

Green Space – It’s Ours To Enjoy

If there was one thing that I learned in business school, it was not about the undeveloped value of green spaces. In fact, from my experience at Wayne State University, “green space” was many times viewed in the context of future-developed value. I’m not picking on business schools or my alma mater; obviously the purpose of those exercises was to teach concepts using something simple and relatable. One thing I did learn in my studies though was that when making decisions, business leaders should … [Read more...]