Dear Crabby, Do We Need More Gun Control?

Dear Crabby, It seems like every time I turn on the news there’s another shooting. Do you think more gun control in this country is needed? Thanks, Peter Paz Dear Mr. Paz, You certainly ask a loaded question (pun intended) and I wish I had an easy answer. Let me first start by saying I grew up with guns. My dad, uncles, and grandpas all hunted and we kids relished the day when we were old enough to join them. It was a rite of passage for us. That being said, much like that kid … [Read more...]

Oakland County Teachers to Receive Active Shooter Training

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Sheriff Michael Bouchard, and Oakland Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie Markavitch are teaming up to ensure that teachers and staff at schools throughout the county have the training they need should they ever encounter an active shooter. Experts from Oakland County Homeland Security Division and the Sheriff’s Office will conduct five training sessions for school personnel on how to react in an active shooter situation in January and February. “Dec. … [Read more...]

Compare Ten Big “KILLERS” in the U.S.

NOTE: This is an Op-Ed piece by Eric B. Herfert, DC. Dear Friends: With all the lying and propaganda lately after the Sandy Hook shooting regarding gun control, I thought you should read a little truth (see the Center for Disease Control statistics on the graphic below). The authorities are going for an all out push for American's weapons so that we cannot defend ourselves against criminals... BE THEY STREET LEVEL OR THE GOVERNMENT. Let's be honest with ourselves... America has total … [Read more...]