Dear Crabby, Must I always get a sunburn?

Dear Crabby, I always seem to get a sunburn no matter what I do to prepare myself. Is this always going to be the case? Or will someone magically invent a lotion or cream that will allow me to soak up the rays without suffering from the pain afterwards? Sincerely, Bernie Burnt Dear Bernie Burnt, That is an age-old problem that many people would like to see solved.  If I was a younger, smarter man I would focus more of my efforts on this invention.  As it stands, I too fall victim to … [Read more...]

Travel Trends and Hot Destinations for 2012

We all love to travel. For a while now we’ve been held back by the economy, high gas prices, and unrest around the world. Staycations (or close to home vacations) are nice, but they just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Travelers are on the lookout for new getaways and fresh takes on the classic hot spots; and they feel the need start traveling again. Winter travel is nearly sold out according to Cathy Daldin of Shamrock Travel (248-656-3500) on Main Street in Downtown Rochester. “Travel is up,” … [Read more...]