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True healing always involves releasing your body's inborn natural ability to heal itself. Dr. Herfert will help get you out of pain by finding & correcting the underlying root cause of your health problems. Under Dr. Herfert's care you can get out of pain, live a healthier life, experience freedom from sickness, and return to the activities you love, and enjoy life again. You don't have to live with: Anxiety | Stress | Headaches | Ear Infections Sinus Infections | Fatigue | Trouble … [Read more...]

Time for a Tea Party!

Don’t worry; I haven’t gone political on you.  I’m actually suggesting we celebrate those dried-out fragments that compose an understatedly powerful hydrating addition to your day. If you aren’t already steeping tea daily, you should be, and the reasons are encouraging and enlightening. In America today, we are just beginning to get our wake-up call on the way our food industry has changed, and the impact on our wellbeing that it has had.  A considerable factor of that is in what we drink.  … [Read more...]