Dear Crabby, Do You Hate Visiting the Dentist?

Dear Crabby, My wife keeps nagging me to get into the dentist for a cleaning and checkup. I’m not scared, but I just don’t get what the big deal is. Do you hate going to the dentist too? Thanks!P. Sherman Dear P. Sherman, Dear Crabby Gives Advice First of all, no one loves visiting the dentist. There are all sorts of weird smells and sounds. Plus, the toothpaste they use to clean your teeth is always so gritty and yucky tasting. Usually, when it comes to visiting the dentist, most … [Read more...]

Fight Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes with Your Fork

Rochester Hills Public Library presents “Fight Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes with Your Fork,” September 29 Dr. Sruti March Rochester Hills Public Library will feature Dr. Sruti March, ND, and her presentation “Fight Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes with Your Fork” on Tuesday, September 29 at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. In this live online presentation, Dr. March will discuss how to create a healthy plate and a lifestyle that works for you. Dr. March specializes in oncology nutrition and … [Read more...]

Students Investigate Genetic Link to Heart Disease

Oakland University (OU) Students Investigate Genetic Link to Heart Disease Alex Johnston was a freshman when he started as a clinical volunteer in the emergency department at a Detroit area hospital. After seeing several patients lose their life to heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, the now senior biology major says he grew curious about the events that lead to heart attacks and how to prevent them. These experiences early in his undergraduate career led to his involvement in heart … [Read more...]

‘Have a heart’ at local wine tasting event

alt="Fieldston Winery flyer" src="" width="714" height="925" /> … [Read more...]