Rotting Good Intentions

Fall has certainly settled in here in Rochester and I am loving every second of it. We've enjoyed a few trips already to the Rochester Cider Mill and walked around Van Hoosen Farm for The Stonewall Pumpkin Festival. I've made a copycat version of Panera's Autumn Squash Soup as well as purchased a few mini pumpkins. Ah, the minis. They're so cute aren't they? You can just line them up on your table or put them in a basket and they're all set. No carving, no disgusting guts of pumpkins … [Read more...]

Clean your closet and shop at the annual Faith Church Clothes Swap

As we continue swapping out summer clothes for fall, and yes, eventually winter, I’m sure you’ve noticed that some of last year’s items don’t quite fit like they should. Well, you’re in luck because it’s once again time for the annual Faith Church Clothes Swap taking place this Saturday, October 11 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in Rochester Hills. This event has consistently been a blessing to those in and around the community and we hope you’ll choose to take part in it this year. Let’s get … [Read more...]

Burning Bridges

Last week I blew it. It wasn't like a little everyday mishap; it was one that after the smoke cleared, the bridge behind me was ashes and gone. The mistake I made is one that's become too common in social media: engaging in the Facebook argument. If you haven't been victim of one of these implosions, you've surely stalked the progress between others just to watch the drama unfold. A short summary of how this plays out is that first, someone posts something you disagree with. Thinking you … [Read more...]

Behind Closed Doors

"A place for everything and everything in its place." I love the concept of things being where they belong. At one point I thought I was actually good at this organizational philosophy, but the truth is I have my own adaptation of it that isn't quite so tidy. I have a style that leans more towards "A place for everything, and everything tossed haphazardly behind closed doors." And though it appears at first glance that I live in organized bliss, it's all a facade. Because I like our … [Read more...]

Former Rochester Hills resident offers seniors a way to live ‘Gracefully’

In response to the growing demand for exceptional senior care, a new, innovative facility is on the verge of opening its doors in Howell, Michigan. "Graceful Living" is the fitting name of the new home, and also defines what sets this concept apart from typical elder care. The catalysts behind this new setting are two dedicated women, the joyful Grace Terry, and former Rochester Hills resident Laura Kwapis. They live with a passion for setting a new standard of a graceful, holistic, and … [Read more...]

What we do

I have an embarrassing admission, and it might gross you out. It may even change the way you look at me. Here it is: I don't ever brush my teeth in the morning… or the afternoon. I only brush them once a day, before bed. Call in the hygiene police and put on the handcuffs, because I am guilty of a voluntary brushing violation. I don't know if it's the craziness of the morning rush or the lingering over cups of coffee that hinders my dental routine. Or simply it's just that I've been accustomed … [Read more...]

Girls on the Run

When it comes to the younger generations, the media often focuses on negative issues like obesity, violence, and substance abuse. But one group of girls in the Rochester area are making a difference in a beautifully positive way. Long Meadow Elementary has a team of 19 girls who participate in an organization called "Girls on the Run." Girls on the Run is a nonprofit for 8-13 year old girls, in which girls learn valuable tools to develop self-esteem, confidence in uniqueness, and how to … [Read more...]

Timber! Surviving life’s storms

Last Saturday evening, my family and I watched from our window as dark, ominous clouds rolled in. We anticipated lightning and thunder, drenching rain and hail. But all we were entertained by that night were some forcefully high winds. Blatant disrespecting the towering deciduous trees, the wind attacked for a short but potent time. The bare branches gave off the impression of vulnerability, as they threateningly waved over homes. We expected any one of them to snap under the pressure that … [Read more...]

There’s no place like home

Maybe it's just this wearisome winter or perhaps I'm growing soft with age, but I've been more emotional than an Olympic gold medalist lately. So when we recently rescued a shelter dog, speaking the words "You're home now," instantly choked me up. Call us suckers for sympathy, since the sad faces in the dog cages were all it took to convince us we could provide a good place for a homeless companion. The innocent looking tent at the Fire and Ice Festival was filled with furry friends that most … [Read more...]