Dear Crabby, What Do I Do About the Bait and Switch?

Dear Crabby, I hate when these salesmen give me the bait and switch deal.  I wanted to buy a TV the other day that they had advertised for $300. When the wife and I went to look at it, the salesman told us that it was really $750. I get so frustrated with this! Is there anything I can do? Sincerely, Sik N. Tired Dear Mr. Tired, Yes, I am very familiar with this routine. I believe it is illegal, but somehow it is still very common. Just recently, a friend of mine saw an ad for a new … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is HDTV Worth It?

Dear Crabby, My kids and grand kids are always talking about high definition televisions and saying I should get one, but I really like my old TV. Do you think these new, fancy things are worth it? Sincerely, Blake Anwhite Dear Mr. Anwhite, I know exactly what you are talking about. Just about the time you get something broken in and you feel comfortable with it, these young kids want you to go and change it again.  I had my trusty old Sony TV for 25 years, and we were getting along … [Read more...]