Trump Vs. Clinton

Rochester Media and the Community Edge had a chance to attend events that brought both major presidential candidates to Michigan. Our great state is a swing state - meaning the it could go Democrat or Republican - with an extremely close race this election cycle, chances are the candidate who draws more of his or her party to the polls will take Michigan. Will you go to the polls today to make your voice be heard? Here are links to our coverage for your review: Hillary Clinton Visits … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Visits Michigan

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, came to Michigan today to speak at Futuramic Tool & Engineering in Warren. It was not open to the public. However many journalists, including Rochester Media, were there. Many invited guests, community leaders, and supports were there to support her bid for the White House. Unlike the Trump talk on Monday, there were no protestors inside to interrupt the candidate's speech. Read:  Hillary Clinton Visits Michigan and Calls Trump’s … [Read more...]

By the Numbers: Michigan Picks Trump and Sanders

The turnout for the Michigan March 8, 2016 presidential primary election is a record with 2.4 million voters showing up to pick Donald J. Trump on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side. Yesterday's turnout beats the 1972 record of 1.7 million votes cast. Clinton beat Sanders in Oakland County, however the Rochester Hills tally was similar to the Michigan numbers. Michigan Totals Republican Primary Candidates Vote Pct. Delegates Trump Donald J. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Should I Care about Iowa and New Hampshire?

Dear Crabby, Last week, everyone was all about the Iowa Caucus and this week people can’t seem to shut up about the New Hampshire Primary. What I want to know is why are these two states so important during a presidential election? Thanks! Beatrix Bipartisan Dear Ms. Bipartisan, Excellent question! And honestly… I have no idea. But ain’t it a kick in the head to watch? I bet some of these candidates couldn’t even find these two states on a map before they started campaigning and … [Read more...]