Keeping Ice Nice for Winter Sports

Ice is Pretty Cool  Hockey, figure skating, and curling are just three of the many sports that compete on ice. Each sport is played on a multi-layer sheet of ice. Until the first indoor ice rink was developed in London in 1876 these events were held outside on frozen lakes and ponds. New York opened their indoor ice rink in 1879 in Madison Square Garden.   First, add Water  Indoor ice rinks make clear ice by using deionized water from large filtration systems. The water is sprayed … [Read more...]

Hockey Greats Shine Spotlight on Disabled Counterparts: A True “Love of the Game” Display

The Red Wings Alumni Association hit the ice at the Onyx Rochester Ice Arena on August 21 to raise awareness and funding for their fellow hockey players with special needs.  As a pre-race fundraiser for the new Great Michigan Race that benefits Michigan's special athletes, the star-studded event radiated the lime light on the physically and intellectually disabled players, who beat all odds to lace up their skates and take to the ice.   Detroit's own Karen Newman sang the National anthem, and … [Read more...]