Cherish Each Encounter

Life's unpredictability has its way of turning my emotions upside down like a roller coaster. Yesterday, I found myself starting to cry, feeling completely discouraged in regards to a difficult situation that has no end in sight. Oddly enough, in that same moment, I felt like I had an unrelated revelation about my life. A quiet realization that caused incredible happiness to coexist with that sorrow. I was fortunate to have caring and dedicated parents growing up. In addition to them, I was … [Read more...]

The Goodness of Garbage Day

I love garbage day.┬áNot only do I love being able to finally put the recyclables outside again, as we fill our can to capacity days before pick up, but I also love the unexpected treasure that could be lurking next to the true trash. You never know what you might find on your way out one morning, you just have to hope it fits in the back of your van, and that you are strong enough to lift it! You won't find me picking through cans or anything. I only stop for the obvious great find. I've … [Read more...]