Dear Crabby, Is it Safe to Drive on St. Patrick’s Day?

Dear Crabby, Is it Safe to Drive on St. Patrick's Day? Sincerely, Worried O'Little   Dear Worried, I'm sure you're thinking about all those crazy green-beer guzzling fools who start drinking at 7:00 a.m. on March 17 every year. It sure seems as though that day may be hazardous to your health from┬ábehind the wheel; however, as the statistics go, it's not in the top six according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. Believe it or not, Memorial Day weekend is the more … [Read more...]

The Guinness Brewery and Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Rochester

A Visit to the Guinness Brewery I was in Dublin with friends several years ago and we all thought we should visit the Guinness Brewery. It was a nice Saturday afternoon as we made our way, by using public transportation and walking, to get to our destination. Upon arrival to St. James Gate we discovered the brewery was closed on weekends. Completely disappointed, we did the next best thing; we went to the nearest pub displaying a Guinness sign (which is every pub in Ireland) to quench our … [Read more...]