Dear Crabby, Are Cinemas Gone for Good?

Dear Crabby, Governor Whitmer’s announcement that movie theaters are allowed to open back up on October 9 has me pretty excited. I really missed being able to kick back in those comfy reclining seats and get lost in a story for a couple of hours. But now I’m hearing that some movies are getting pushed back and some cinemas might not open back up at all. Is this the end of the movies as we know it? Thanks!E. BertDear E. Bert, Yes. It’s great that movie theaters in Michigan can reopen … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Who is Your Favorite James Bond?

Dear Crabby, The hype around the new James Bond movie Spectre coming out in November is huge, which got me wondering: who is your favorite actor who has played James Bond? Thanks, Gil Gadget Dear Gil Gadget, As I’ve mentioned to my loyal readers before, I’m not too big of a movie buff, but just like The Duke, James Bond is a rare exception to rule. To date, seven men have suited up as Bond, James Bond—the martini-swilling womanizer with a license to kill. If I’m being honest, I … [Read more...]