A tale of 2 cities’ taxes

Rochester and Rochester Hills are two cities with plenty to brag about. But how to differentiate the two to prospective home-buyers? Printed material that surfaced during a millage campaign last year, which compared tax rates among the two cities, rubbed some in Rochester the wrong way. At the request of city council, Rochester’s administration recently took a look at the cost to homeowners of “essential” city services. In a straight tax-rate comparison, Rochester Hills has traditionally … [Read more...]

Bikson wins another year as mayor

Stuart Bikson was elected to another year as mayor of the city of Rochester Tuesday by a unanimous vote of city council. Jeff Cuthbertson was elected to another year as mayor pro tem, also unanimously. Their terms expire in November, 2013. “It’s always an honor to be voted by your peers as mayor,” Bikson said. I will continue to work hard. I think the city council is very strong and I look forward to working together in the future.” … [Read more...]

Is OPC compromise in view?

There may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. When the Rochester Older Persons Commission’s governing board meets Thursday, it appears the members are ready to take another look at one controversial item in the proposed 2012 budget, which has yet to be formally adopted. After two years in which OPC employees received no increases in compensation, last year the board approved an increase in the payment in lieu of health insurance for full-time employees. The payment was increased from … [Read more...]

District library talks heating up

The library boards of Rochester Hills and Oakland Township are once again talking about forming a district library. Previous discussions foundered over the issue of governance. Now, with a new consultant and new information, there is new momentum. The library is currently owned and operated by an elected board of Rochester Hills residents. Oakland Township has its own elected library board and contracts with the Hills library for services. Rochester also contracts with the library for … [Read more...]

Still no deal on Rochester OPC budget

As the clock ticks down toward Dec. 31, neither side has yet blinked in the standoff over the Rochester Older Persons Commission budget. Rochester City Council met Monday and scheduled a special meeting for Dec. 29 in the hopes that a compromise will be offered that will keep the OPC operational after Jan. 1. The city’s attorney has said he doesn’t believe the OPC can legally spend money in the new fiscal year without an approved budget. The OPC Governing Board, Rochester Hills City … [Read more...]