School board waiting on Clarke

One month after Rochester School Superintendent Fred Clarke announced that he was looking for another job, it’s still not clear exactly when he will leave, or when an interim superintendent will be named. “We’re sort of in a holding pattern as we negotiate with Fred,” school board President Jennifer Berwick said this week. “He does have a contract so we’re working with him to find the right time for us.” Clarke has applied for at least two other superintendent positions, tiny Grant Public … [Read more...]

Expect more cuts in Rochester schools next year

June 18 may seem like a long way off. But between now and then, a lot of important decisions will be made that will impact the next school year in Rochester. Rochester Community Schools is facing yet another round of cuts. After restructuring that adds up to $31 million since 2001, the district is facing a shortfall of $10.8 million for the next school year. At a Jan. 27 workshop, the board of education instructed administration to find budget reductions in the range of $3.5-$6.1 million and … [Read more...]

Rochester Schools Approve Cuts for Next Year

  By Annette Kingsbury Spending down the savings account has never been the goal of Rochester Community Schools. But with so much uncertainty these days about what lies ahead, the board of education and administration have agreed to do just that next year in order to keep programs in place as long as possible. The board agreed unanimously April 25 to the administration’s proposal to make $3 million in cuts, add $176,000 in new expenditures, and use $14 million from the district’s … [Read more...]