Jeremy Nielson defends attacks on his character in letter to the editor

Dear Editor: I had no idea that I was such a divisive figure in the community. I'm a 33 year old father and husband. I work as a Network Engineer; come home; play with my son and eat dinner. I pay my taxes and watch school board meetings. Along the way, I decided to have more than a 3-minute, one-way conversation with the school board and decided to run for a spot on the Rochester school board. The future of the Rochester Community Schools is of vital interest to me because my son is … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor about Jeremy Nielson

Dear Editor, On Tuesday, October 25th, there was a rally at a local restaurant for School Board Candidate Jeremy Nielson. Representative Tom McMillin, who has endorsed Jeremy's candidacy for Rochester Community Schools board of education, spoke to a small group of people urging them to support his candidate, Jeremy Nielson. 20 days prior to this event, state Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills introduced House Bill No. 5039. This bill would would prohibit state agencies and units of … [Read more...]

Rochester Schools Approve Cuts for Next Year

  By Annette Kingsbury Spending down the savings account has never been the goal of Rochester Community Schools. But with so much uncertainty these days about what lies ahead, the board of education and administration have agreed to do just that next year in order to keep programs in place as long as possible. The board agreed unanimously April 25 to the administration’s proposal to make $3 million in cuts, add $176,000 in new expenditures, and use $14 million from the district’s … [Read more...]