Wine, Wit and Wisdom Wrap-up

By John Smyntek for The Friends of the Rochester Hills Public Library The 245 guests at the Friends of the Rochester Public Library’s Wine, Wit & Wisdom March 12 lingered at the library long after dessert and coffee were served. They were savoring an evening filled with good food and drink and were eager to recount interesting facts and amusing stories they had heard during the presentations. It was the first chance they’d had to slow down after a fast-paced agenda that included food and … [Read more...]

The Friends’ Library Store

The Friends' Library Store By John Smyntek Offered for your consideration - some questions from the imaginary Kollege of Konsumer Knowledge, School of Savvy Shopping. Where in the City of Rochester can you buy attractive jewelry crafted from Michigan’s legendary Petoskey stones and of copper that pays homage to the state’s long mining heritage? Where can you procure a wide array of Michigan-related goods - edible, ornamental and pragmatic? How about a one-stop shop for a … [Read more...]