Eating for your Immune System

There's vitamins, essential oils and prescriptions, oh my. When sickness strikes, we will try anything. Many of my friends have kids who are struggling to fight off stubborn infections this winter, and they just don't know what else to do. Though I don't claim to be an expert, one way our family stays healthy is by taking a proactive view of what we eat, and we do it in conscious thought of boosting our immune system. You can feel stuffed and satisfied in your belly and yet your body can be … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Body for Battle this Fall!

As soon as the weather turns cooler, everyone goes on high alert about the cold and flu season.  Flu shot clinics are rampant, and the newest over-the-counter drugs claiming to bring you relief from your symptoms try to convince you of their efficacy in the battle against your rebelling head, nose, and throat.  Before you feel like a runaway train has hit you though, you can be proactive in keeping your body healthier from the beginning. Past studies have shown that a flu vaccine is not the … [Read more...]