Paint Creek Trail Hosts 14th Annual Labor Day Bridge Walk & Run

The Paint Creek Trailways Commission is organizing the 14th Annual Paint Creek Trail Labor Day Bridge Walk and Run on Monday, September 6, at the Rochester Municipal Park Kiwanis Pavilion. This event is part of the Labor Day Community Walks that are held throughout the state in conjunction with the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Walk.  Labor Day Bridge Walk & Run Two options are being offered to participants – a 1 mile family-friendly walk or a 5k round-trip walk or run on the Paint Creek … [Read more...]

Bridge Walk in Oakland Township this Labor Day

Looking for something to do this weekend? Join your neighbors at the 12th Annual Paint Creek Trail Labor Day Virtual Bridge Walk and Run. This is a FREE event with a suggested donation of $5 per family for the Bike Lids for Kids Program. Onsite check-in starts at 8:00 a.m., and the event starts at 9:00 a.m. at the City of Rochester Municipal Park Kiwanis Pavilion. Visit the event website for more information.  And don't forget to mark your calendar for these upcoming … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s the Difference Between Memorial and Labor Day?

Dear Crabby, I am a proud American and always do my best to properly observe our national holidays. But recently a Canadian friend asked me what the difference is between Memorial Day and Labor Day; and you know what? I was kind of at a loss for words. Can you help me out? Sincerely, Pete Patriot Dear Mr. Patriot, Don’t fret. I have a feeling you’re not alone in this. My bet is that a lot of Americans are so used to celebrating these holidays that they’ve long forgotten how they got started … [Read more...]

Happy Labor Day, Will gas hit $4 per gallon?

With Labor Day approaching and the powers to be talking about an attack in Syria, only one thing can happen- higher gas prices. The Marathon in Rochester Hills is advertising $4.09 per gallon for 93 octane and $3.79 for 87 octane. The news is reporting a .40 increase minimum. In talking with the distributors of gasoline, the prices are actually locked every 30 days for the stations, so these holiday and overseas attack prices are all up to the individual gas stations. So shop diligently and … [Read more...]

Michigan Renaissance Festival Returns

That Time of Year Now in its 34th year, the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival starts transporting guests back to the 16th century this weekend. This is that one time of year where southeast Michigan residents can dress up as elves, knights, faeries, and princesses and go to the Village of Hollygrove. This made-up land, on the border of Holly and Groveland Twp. is ready to go with new shows and returning favorites. Beat the crowds and arrive early, they open at 10:00 a.m. with free … [Read more...]