Letter to the Editor – Senior Support for Mayor Barnett

To the Editor: As seniors in Rochester Hills, my wife and I strongly support Mayor Barnett as a write-in candidate for the election this November. We are both active in OPC and feel very fortunate to have such an outstanding senior center with so many services. When friends and family come to visit from out of town, they are always amazed by the things we have for seniors in our city. Since we began going to OPC on a regular basis, we have seen Mayor Barnett show his support in a number of … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Police Millage

On August 7, Rochester Hills voters will be asked to approve a millage to fully fund the cost of Police services for our City.  The committee was formed in 2007 to analyze Police and Road Funding and propose short and long term strategies to City Council for review and deliberation.  For the past four years, over 50 meetings, dozens of residents emails and facebook comments, several public hearings and town hall open discussions, the committee concluded with the current ballot question. Our … [Read more...]