Life Lessons from the Lawn Mower

I love to cut the grass. Okay, so I just started taking on the chore, but I've been swept off my feet. You see, I am a stay-at-home mother of three. I feel like I run around all day trying to get organized only to crawl into bed with just as many toys on the floor and just as big a stack of dishes in the sink as there was in the morning. There's a perfect quote that reflects this honestly, that says, "Picking up after your children when they are home, is like shoveling when it is still … [Read more...]

Five Lessons from Downtown Rochester’s Construction

By Meghan Zeile As a teacher, I am always seeking 'teachable moments' for my son. I love using examples from our every day life to teach him a new concept or idea. It is so much easier to teach him patience and teamwork when he can witness it for himself or even participate. He can grasp the concept of 'enormous' when he can see an enormous machine digging our new road. My son is no  exception. Every child learns better when experiencing the lesson first hand. The road construction of … [Read more...]

Walking with Little Feet

When I'm with my kids, one of the most frequent comments I hear is, "Enjoy it now, they grow up so fast!" Time does seem to have a miraculous way of slipping by, and although statements like that can become easy to disregard, they are good reminders to take full advantage of the moments we have. Sometimes though, it seems we get so caught up in just making it through our day, we don't know how to redeem the little opportunities we have to draw closer to our kids. I often see parents walking … [Read more...]