Letter to the Editor: Vote Ravi Yalamanchi for Our Future

I have been a resident of Rochester Hills for nearly 30 years, raising 3 children who are graduates of Rochester Community Schools and now 5 grandchildren are attending the schools their parents attended. I’m a former Chairman of the Board of the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce and a 20-year small business owner. I have spent my work and family life in this community - I am more than vested. Last evening my husband, granddaughter and I gathered with a group of residents to keep … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Epic Communication Fail – Tienken Road Construction Project

By Linda Davis-Kirksey, Rochester Hills As a 30-year resident of Rochester Hills, Michigan I have never felt such frustration that has been echoed overwhelmingly by my fellow RH residents as to the epic mishandling of advance notice and communication of Tienken Road construction Project. For over 19 years I have worked with municipal projects. In fact I was one of the people that assisted the previous City administration in securing Federal Highway Funding to do the Tienken Road Project. … [Read more...]

The Passing of Mayor Pat Somerville

Pat Somerville, former Mayor of Rochester Hills, dies at age 80 Pat Somerville raised show dogs and ran a dog grooming business before getting into politics. She and her late husband Ken moved from Detroit to Rochester Hills in the late 1960s. Local neighborhood issues led Somerville to attend city council meetings, become a council member and eventually became the Mayor of Rochester Hills. She “cared about the people and the city” said her daughter, Autumn VanHollebeke, on Monday from the … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills council denies human rights ordinance

After months of lobbying, a majority of Rochester Hills City Council members went on the record Monday night to say that they are not interested in considering a human-rights ordinance. A group calling itself Rochester Hills Together asked council to place the matter on its agenda for formal discussion. They argued that a city that calls itself progressive needs to protect its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered residents from discrimination, just as other classes are protected under the … [Read more...]

McMillin bill sparks protest

When state Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) showed up for constituent office hours at Rochester Hills City Hall Monday, he was greeted by a small group of protesters shouting “Shame on you.” The protesters carried signs opposing a bill McMillin introduced in the state House. If enacted, it would prohibit local communities and schools from offering civil-rights protections to the gay and lesbian community. House Bill 5039 seeks to amend the 36-year-old Elliot-Larson Act which, since … [Read more...]