Freezing Mad Science in Oakland Township

Oakland Township Invites Children Ages 3-5 Years Old to Come Out and Experiment with Ice Freezing Mad Science for 3-5 Years Old With winter breathing its frigid air across the ponds and streams, Oakland Township Parks and Recreation has noticed them turning solid. They are not one to ignore nature’s cues so they will be holding a program for participants to play with ice! From the warmth of the nature center, participants will perform experiments with wacky hand-shaped ice cubes and salt to … [Read more...]

Preschool Park Explorers Time for Turkeys

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation is Collaborating with Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve for a Special Preschool Event November 30 Lost Lake Nature Park is home to more than just a quiet kayaking dock and exciting sledding hill, it’s also home to woodpeckers, garter snakes, and of course, wild turkeys. With enough turkey in everyone’s bellies after Thanksgiving to last everyone through the winter, it’s only right to learn about the comically large birds that can be seen walking through the … [Read more...]

Experience The Wonders of Raptors in Oakland Township

Hunters of the Sky It’s all about survival. Three engaging raptors (hawk, owl, and falcon) will visit the site to demonstrate and model their amazing survival characteristics and techniques. Hands-on explorations of feathers, skulls, and other bird parts provide a stimulating introduction to the Hunters of the Sky. Presented by Leslie Science & the Nature Center. To register, call the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation office at 248-651-7810. Register by Wednesday, October … [Read more...]

Night Creatures at Lost Lake Nature Park

Oakland Township Invites Local Residents to wake up at Nighttime to visit Lost Lake Nature Park Have you ever seen a bat up close? With delicate webbed wings and fuzzy brown bodies, bats are nothing like what we see in the movies. Learn about bats and other local nocturnal animals and see them live at Night Creatures at Lost Lake Nature Park’s Warming Shelter on Wednesday, July 20th from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Daily, we see bats fluttering above our roof tops in the twilight, skunks … [Read more...]

Outdoor Fun and Fitness in the Rochester Area

The Great Outdoors  Summer is officially here so grab your gear and head outdoors for a great workout. Exercising outside can increase your motivation and make your workouts more interesting. Research shows spending time outdoors reduces stress and the fresh air releases serotonin in the brain which can put you in a fantastic mood. The scenery can help exercisers from getting bored and outdoor workouts offer more of a full-body workout that can burn more calories. The Rochester area has lots … [Read more...]