A Billion and a Half Dollars, the Winners and the Losers

When hear people talking about it being $1.5 Billion, what are they talking about? The Powerball Jackpot - WINNER Worldwide Revue from the new Star Wars movie - WINNER The cost to fix the Flint Water Crisis - LOSER All of the above The answer is all of the above. Each one of those items has a dollar amount of $1.5 Billion attached to it. A local non-profit takes bottled water to help get clean drinking water to the residents who are facing a devastating situation. Are you … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What will you do if you win the Powerball?

Dear Crabby, What will you do if you win the Powerball game? Sincerely, Justin Curious Dear Mr. Curious, Many Americans this Thursday will be checking their tickets to see if we won any part of the record-breaking jackpot of the Powerball game. Of course, we"re all dreaming of the grand prize of over $1.5 Billion! Paying off debt, buying a new car, becoming a world traveler, and giving to charity are some of the many options people are thinking about. Reminds me of this friend of mine, Tim. … [Read more...]

Rochester Million Dollar Powerball Winner to Play Again

$1 Million Ticket Sold at Rochester Hills Meijer Store Jeffery Grayson, 56, won $1 million playing Powerball with a ticket purchased at the Meijer store, located at 3175 South Rochester Road, in Rochester Hills. Grayson matched the first five numbers drawn in Saturday (January 9) night’s drawing to win his big prize: 16-19-32-34-57. “We were standing in the checkout line at about 8 p.m. when my wife, Linda, reminded me that we needed get our Powerball tickets,” said Grayson. “I stepped … [Read more...]