Op-Ed: Further Understanding Proposal 1

by Sue Douglas Proposal 1 Will Cost Average Michigan Household Up to $525 a Year in Extra Taxes From Capitol Confidential at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy "...of which $1.3 billion would go to funding public roads." NO. $1.3 billion is going to "transportation" after specific allocations are taken off the top. Of the remaining funds, 79% goes to roads and bridges. Of that 79%, 39% stays at M-DOT for State Highways, 39% is divided up between the County Road Commissions and … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Michigan’s Road Funding Proposal

Note: The following opinion is by Sue Ann Douglas, Retired Oakland County Commissioner (18 years) and former 11-year member of Rochester City Council. This could be the most deceptive campaign by government that we have ever seen. Don't believe that this is for 'safe roads' because if it were for safe roads, every single penny collected from every bill attached to the sales tax hike would generate funds that would go ONLY to roads.  That's the scam. The bills are full of PORK that sends … [Read more...]