Best of Mackinac Island with 7 Tips

7 Tips to Make the Best of Mackinac Island By Michael Dwyer While Dear Crabby enjoys Mackinac Island his way and he certainly has good suggestions, here are seven tips to make your adventure on America’s best non-tropical island even better. Stay on the island. To appreciate Mackinac Island fully, it’s best to hear and see the workings around the clock. As the ferryboats remove the majority of the tourists in the evening, the island takes on a different charm. The nightlife is … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Have you ever been to Mackinac Island, MI?

Dear Crabby, We were looking for a fun new experience in Northern Michigan when we came across Mackinac Island. I was wondering if you had vacationed there, and if you could give us any idea if it is worth taking the kids up there? Sincerely, Michigan Mom Dear Michigan Mom, Yes, I have a long history with Mackinac Island and all the wonderful things they have to offer. Back in the 1970's, I was very big into CB radios and was taking one of my first trips up to the island. I made … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How can I enjoy that which I hate?

Dear Crabby, My husband loves to go to fishing shows on the weekends and I absolutely hate them!  I don't want him to think I don't like being with him, but I just find nothing appealing about fish!  How am I supposed to deal with this? Sincerely, Wanda B. True Dear Ms. True, Are you wondering if I have ever done something that I dislike just to be with my wife? Or if my wife has ever done something she disliked just to be with me?  Well, either way the answer is "yes!"  I think that … [Read more...]

Looking Beyond Appearances

This past weekend I had the pleasure of running in the Great Turtle half-marathon on Mackinac Island.  The 13.1-mile run was held concurrently with a 5.7-mile run/walk that meandered in and around the “Up North” tourist mainstay.  The weather was uncharacteristically perfect for late October, and more than two thousand people participated in the event.        The half-marathon itself was a delightfully challenging course, with varied terrain, demanding hills, and distracting views.  The … [Read more...]