Explosion Closes Main Street in Downtown Rochester

At 8:41 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, the Rochester Police Department received a report of a possible building fire in Downtown Rochester, which changed quickly to an explosion. Reports indicate a propane heater outside of 423 Main failed, caught fire, and exploded. Five people, three children and two adults, were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Two other people were checked out the scene and released. Main Street was closed for several hours, and the incident is under … [Read more...]

A Year in Review for Rochester Media 2015

Twenty-fifteen was filled with many highlights in the Rochester area.  We had elections, added parking garages, had lots of road construction, and many other news highlights that people saw here on Rochester Media and The Community Edge - Please enjoy a look back with some of these fan favorites. Remembering Rochester: 543 North Main Street May 6, 2015 Main Street in Downtown Rochester has gone through quite a few changes over the years. Did you know that 543 North Main Street was once … [Read more...]

Big, Bright Ball Returns Sunday, August 3

Looking Forward to Winter? Probably not, since summer took a while to get here. However, everyone knows winter will come eventually, and with it, the holidays, the parade, and the Big, Bright Light Show that illuminates 1.5 million lights. The lights drape the buildings along Main Street and have become a huge attraction for the city. If summertime seems to be slipping by, Rochester Media suggests you attend the Big, Bright Ball on August 3 at the Royal Park Hotel from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 … [Read more...]

Sinkhole on Main Street in Downtown Rochester

As people have been noticing the "LiquiForce" trucks all over Rochester with their large pumps on trailers and hoses the size of trees in and out of sewer lines around the city, we witnessed a large sinkhole on Main Street yesterday afternoon.  The break in the road happened near the Dairy Queen and the Hollywood Market Mini Mart on Parkdale and Main Street. As you can see by the pictures and the video, courtesy of local resident Brandon Wilson, it held up traffic for quite a while.  No one has … [Read more...]

The Funky Frog, Children’s Resale Boutique is relocating to Main Street

The Funky Frog has outgrown it's current location on East Third Street and will be moving to 433 Main Street. "We are pleased that the community has found The Funky Frog to be a valuable asset. With the support of our long-time customers and many new customers we need to expand our store." states owner, Renee Perkins. "We believe now is the time to move to Main Street. We are excited to join the great variety of business on Main Street and be part of the NEW Downtown Rochester when the Main … [Read more...]

Main Street is Now Open!

Main Street in Downtown Rochester reopened to traffic today at 12:30 pm. One travel lane northbound and one travel lane southbound are open, along with left turn lanes at Second and University Drive. University Drive is also open to traffic. Third and Fourth street at Main will remain closed for the next few weeks. “Thank you to everyone who worked hard to complete Phase One of the project and for the cooperation of our businesses and residents to make this phase a huge success”, stated … [Read more...]

Five Lessons from Downtown Rochester’s Construction

By Meghan Zeile As a teacher, I am always seeking 'teachable moments' for my son. I love using examples from our every day life to teach him a new concept or idea. It is so much easier to teach him patience and teamwork when he can witness it for himself or even participate. He can grasp the concept of 'enormous' when he can see an enormous machine digging our new road. My son is no  exception. Every child learns better when experiencing the lesson first hand. The road construction of … [Read more...]

Digging Up Bones in Downtown Rochester!

Word on the street today was that the construction crews tearing up Main Street in Downtown Rochester found some bones. While digging in front of Gus O'Connors Pub they uncovered an old well and near it some animal bones. We were told that MDOT called in some Archaeologists to investigate and examine the find. Reports came back that these bones were not prehistoric, but probably a small animal like a dog or a sheep. The history that is uncovered is being seen for the first time in decades, so … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do you like road construction?

Dear Crabby, I hate this time of year with all the road construction. Being slowed down really frustrates me!  Do you deal with this too? How do you cope? Sincerely, Ben Tubeezey Dear Mr. Tubeezey, Well, if you are asking if I like being stuck in traffic jams for extended periods of time, on hot days, with tempers flaring, and jack hammers whaling in the background - the answer is no!  I am usually the first one to start whining about the orange barrel season and I start bantering … [Read more...]

Past, future converge in Main Street Makeover

Preparations for the $7.6-million rebuilding of Main Street through downtown Rochester have been underway for the last couple of years. Now, with a bid about to be awarded, workers are set to start digging in April. Main Street between Second and University will be totally closed for an estimated 90 days. But other than a detour around that stretch, downtown will be open for business as usual. “We’ve been communicating this solid for a year,” said Nik Banda, the city of Rochester’s … [Read more...]