Dear Crabby, What is March Madness?

Dear Crabby, It seems like everyone from President Obama to the kids next door have a March Madness Bracket they are filling out these days. What are these things for? They seem more important than tax returns to some people! Sincerely, Nada Playa Dear Nada Playa, Well you must be living in some sort of box if you do not know what March Madness is all about. As you said, President Obama has gone on the air touting his bracket and many others in and out of the public eye have as well. … [Read more...]

Win a $1,000 shopping spree in Downtown Rochester

Come April 1, there will be one lucky winner of a $1,000 Shopping Spree to downtown Rochester. How do shoppers enter to win? It’s simple, shop downtown Rochester this March! Customers may qualify for entry by spending at least $100 collectively at one or more of the 27 participating businesses any time throughout the month of March. To enter for the shopping spree, receipts must be validated at the DDA office (308 1⁄2 Main) during business hours Monday-Friday, 8am -5pm or ‘till 9pm on … [Read more...]

Embracing the ‘Madness’ with healthier choices

With the NCAA March Madness tournament upon us, stressing over your team picks for the next few weeks may not be the healthiest, but getting your family involved can be. And one way to do this is to have inviting snacks. Another way is to make a challenge out of each tournament game. Fun basketball-themed appetizers Here are some fun and easy hors d’oeuvres to share with your friends and family as you rendezvous for the game—whether it’s a second-round match up or the championship … [Read more...]