Writing Contest Winners Announced at Social Media Conference at OU

First Page The Rochester Writers’ Winter Contest Awards were announced Saturday, April 25, at Oakland University. During the Rochester Writers’ spring conference, winners of the contest that attended could read their entry to the more than 50 people at the event. Cash prizes were awarded for first, second, and third places. First Page of a Novel is the most entered category. Contest judge, Kelly Fordon said, “I was intrigued by the convergence here between what seemed to be ordinary … [Read more...]

Rochester Media Sponsors Writing Contest

Rochester Media is a sponsor of the annual Rochester Writers’ Conference and the writing contest associated with the event. Currently, two contests run per year. The 2014 summer writing contest had four categories with cash prizes for first, second and third places. Each category had a different judge from the local writing community. To acquire the best results, the judges could only see the title and body of the work they were reading. They did not know who wrote and entered the piece. … [Read more...]

Rochester Writers Announce Contest Winners

Rochester Writers’ Conference Last fall, Rochester Writers held their fifth annual conference bringing together a variety of genres in fiction and non-fiction writing. They announced plans to run their first writing contest as a new component of the conference. Announced this week at the Freelance Marketplace writers’ group were the winners of the contest. Michael Dwyer, organizer of the conference, hosts the writers’ group. The group meets on the third Tuesday of the month (except December) … [Read more...]

A Community Says Goodbye to Beloved Writer Margo LaGattuta

The Rochester community pays tribute to beautiful mother, friend, poet and writer Margo LaGattuta in honor of her life and remembrance upon her death, August 22, 2011. Margo shared her life through the written word; she was the Winner of the 2005 Mark Twain Award, author of 4 published books, and the editor of multiple anthologies. Upon her passing, she is loved and remembered by her son Mark, her son Erik and his wife Pamela, her son Adam, her grandchildren Maria and Melissa, and her sisters … [Read more...]

A Conversation with a Poet and Friend, Remembering Margo LaGattuta

Margo LaGattuta was a Michigan poet, although, if you met her in mixed company she would have introduced herself as a writer. Margo told me that when she would introduce herself as a poet, the conversation ended there. For some reason people were uneasy around poets. She suggested, maybe they “… are afraid of poetry … they think it’s going to be a bunch of cornball emotional crap.” People were much more comfortable around writers. In addition to being a poet and a writer, Margo was also a … [Read more...]